About Me

My name is Lanee Phillips, and I am a 20 year old from Huntsville, Alabama! 

I have always loved to decorate— my bedroom as a child and my entire house as an adult! 

Recently, my fiancé and I made the move from Jacksonville to Huntsville, which meant we had to sell the house that we had been living in for a year. When the house was put on the market, it was as if everyone fell in love with the place because of the interior decor. It made me so happy that everyone could see the potential that we saw in our little, old 1,000 sq. ft house. I even had people asking for my help to decorate their homes! 

That is what inspired me to start this interior styling company.

As for the name, my fiancé and I have two of the happiest Cavapoo puppies, Bo & Poppy, who are always wagging their tails (hence Happy Dog Interiors). 


*below are some of the photos from the listing & a pic of my happy dogs!

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