Trends: Dos + Don'ts

Trends: Dos + Don'ts

I have seen a lot of Tiktok videos of people's 'Favorite' and 'Least Favorite' trends in fashion and beauty and it inspired me to do just a few of my 'Yay & Nays' of home decorating styles. 

*That being said, these are all just one person's opinion. I believe everyone should have their home decorated in a way that they LOVE! 



I have absolutely fallen in love with wallpaper! This is a trend that has come back around. I remember when wallpaper was the bane of everyone's existance and it was considered one of the worst things to have in your home. Now, I think it is the easiest way to give a room personality. It is my number #1 favorite trend at the moment! 

Patterned Bed Frames

I think these are so cool & another great way to give a bedroom some personality without doing something more permanent like wallpaper. They may not be the most practical for a person that changes their decor a lot (like me), but for someone that sticks with their decor for a year or two, this is a super cute trend to take part in! 

Neutral with pops of Color

Decorating with pops of color is one of the most practical trends out there. Having a neutral base and decorating with different pops of color allows a homeowner to change out their decor a lot more often than someone whose home is one complete color or theme for a lot less money.

At any point in the year, if the homeowner decides they are tired of the colors they have in their livingroom, bedroom or kitchen, they can easily switch out their accent pieces for different colors or patterns.

For example, at Christmas time, pillow covers can be easily switched from pink and orange to red and green, blankets can be switched out for colors more suitable for the season, and wall/table decor can be replaced with Christmas figures. 

Honorable Mention: Large Photo Gallery Walls

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these! I think large photo gallery walls can make a home look so expensive. They are also super nice for the people that struggle to find wall decor that they like because they take up lots of space for not as many pictures to find or frames to buy! This is a great way to take on a modern style with minimal effort.



Cotton Farmhouse

Growing up in Alabama, the farmhouse style decor and 'Rae Dunn' was all I saw. I think it can be very unoriginal and over done, and I just think that there are so many ways to elevate this type of style so that it is more modern and unique. If this is your cup of tea, that is perfectly fine! Decorate your house the way you want to! But if you are interested in finding a newer, modern version of this style, keep checking in with my blogs every week!

Bare Minimalist

This is Kim Kardashian's house. If you watch 'The Kardashians' you know how empty it is-- very cave reminiscent. This is sad. There is no evidence that anyone actually lives in this home. Minimalism is awesome, but normal minimalistic tendencies is one thing but the completely bare look is another. Again, if you are into this kind of style, that is totally okay, but I just could not imagine living in such a lifeless house. 


I am aware that carpet is not necessarily a trend, but I just really don’t like it. To me, it automatically makes a room look so much dirtier than it actually is. I would much rather always have laminate or concrete or real wood than carpet because I absolutely love rugs! They are the best way to have carpet! 

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