How to: Elevate your Home Decor on a Budget

How to: Elevate your Home Decor on a Budget

Decorating your Home can be Expensive! Making it look fancy is even more expensive! Here are a few ways to elevate your home decor while on a budget!

1.) Add a Gallery Wall


Gallery walls have been around for a while now, but there are many different variations to them as there are many different styles. They are an easy way to fill up a wall and make the room feel more luxurious.

2.) Add Molding


This has come into trend very suddenly. Textured walls with molding or shiplap are very popular at the moment. Again, this is something that can look different in every house due to different styles, but this is definitely an easy way to fancy up your home!

3.) Paint Cabinets & Replace Existing Hardware


Painting cabinets, while no easy feat, is a cheap way to completely change the look of your kitchen! My fiancé and I repainted our kitchen cabinets from a light blue to black and white, and it completely transformed our kitchen from a more girly, young look to a modern, grown vibe.

4.) Add an accent wall with wall paper


Wallpaper gives such life to a room, but sometimes with a busy pattern, it can be way to much to do your whole room in it. Adding an accent wall in wallpaper like these two is such a good idea for people looking for a bit of luxury without all the distractions. 

5.) More Pillows


 The more throw pillows, the merrier! I think pillows are the most important part of a living room and bedroom. They make your couch look put together and cozy, and they can even give you the little pop of color you need in your home. Some pillows can get pricey, but I typically shop for pillow covers and just switch them out as I redecorate!

6.) Add Greenery/Plants


Plant life and greenery scream fancy to me--especially the ones in the concrete pots. I think that tall, stand-up plants can be used to fill up a space in a living room or bedroom that needed extra attention, and little ones can be put on shelves or side tables to add something special.  

7.) Outside: Paint Front Door


 Decor doesn't just have to be inside, it can be outside too! I can tell you from personal experience, painting your front door can make all the difference in the world. After we moved into our last home, I decided to paint the dirty "white" door, and I chose red. Against the yellow siding, the red paint popped! I never regretted that decision.

Here's a photo from last Christmas:


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