How I Refreshed my Nieces' Bedroom

How I Refreshed my Nieces' Bedroom

If you are interested in learning how this room went from this


to this in a week and a half.. keep reading!

It is not as hard as you think to take a beautiful room with existing furniture and transform it into a completely different space! There are just a few steps you need to take:

1.) Remove all existing furniture to see the whole space you are working with. 

Once this is done, you can decide if you want to rearrange the furniture or leave it in the same position as before. It can give you a better idea of your desired result.

We removed everything and decided to place the beds towards the back of the room to allow the two girls a lot more space to play. We also were able to decide that we wanted to move the furniture holding clothes to one wall and move the playful items and toys to other spaces. 


2.) Decide on a color palette and if you are using a certain style or theme & purchase or DIY things to fit into it!

In this case, we chose to do PINK, PINK, and PINK! The bed frames and rug were already pink, but we had a few things that we needed to DIY or replace to match the rest. 

So, we painted the rolly buckets pink and white because they were a rainbow colored mess that did not match the rest of the room. Then, we hopped on Amazon to find comforters and curtains to match. 


3.) Add finishing touches.

We decided here that we wanted to add "fairy lights" to the girls' beds because one of them likes light on at night and the other one does not. The TV bothered one of them, so by adding these subtle lights, the TV light no longer has to be on and bother the child that prefers the dark.

We also decided that with having their beds so close together and dressed in the same style, there needed to be a way to make them individual, so we purchased some wooden inital decor off of etsy! They made the room look so much more put together and girly!



That's it! It isn't that hard to take a room from chaos to organized by a few simple switches in decor. I would love to help you transform your space like this, so visit the rest of my site if you are interested!

- Lanee

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